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by Sean510
04 Nov 2022, 08:47
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: Csf ignore from url?
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Csf ignore from url?

Hi, is there any way to add an ip ignore list from a url like blocklist does?

for exemple:


to be added in csf.ignore

by Sean510
19 Sep 2022, 11:06
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: Directadmin BFM block to temp deny csf
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Directadmin BFM block to temp deny csf

hi, i wish i could use the "LF_NETBLOCK" function of csf in directadmin. this function would allow me to have a list of really malicious ip while avoiding false positives. BFM works very well, but many users are blocked very often because they are unable to configure an email client. the f...