Quarantine a message that not exists

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Quarantine a message that not exists

Post by jdn1976 »

Hello, 2 days ago the CXS started to send me more than 9000 messages/day from this user. Almost every minute I got a new message.

cxswatch Scanning /home/deangelispedro/public_html/eventoscris/wp-includes/css/wp-config.php:

(quarantined to /home/quarantine/cxsuser/deangelispedro/wp-config.php.1591704356_1) Known exploit = [Fingerprint Match] [PHP Exploit]

The odd is because the file wp-config.php is not there! Is this an issue of CXS?
I already try to stop and start service but do not solve the problem.

Any ideas?
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Re: Quarantine a message that not exists

Post by Sarah »

Please see this forum post about that type of "false positive":

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