fingerprint md5 on mail report

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fingerprint md5 on mail report

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hello I'm new to the forum.
I would like to add the fingerprint md5 to the files reported in the emails. I don't understand which file I need to modify and which option should be added.
I would like to do this to be able to easily add the md5 files to the cxs whitelist.
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Re: fingerprint md5 on mail report

Post by Sergio »

What is usually done is as follows:
- If the email shows the path and name of a file go there using SSH.
- on the directory where the file resides, run the following command:

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md5sum filename
that will give you a code with a lot of characters.

Copy the characters of the MD5SUM without the parenthesis and add it to /etc/cxs/ignore file. Inside the /etc/cxs/ignore you will see a readme on how to use that file.

Usually the line that you will add is as the following example:
md5sum:90f49c6852147963c9793b1cd3fb26d3 <<<---- DON'T USE IT it is only an example.

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