How to block suspicous files from being uploaded

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How to block suspicous files from being uploaded

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There are two files that you need to modify to allow blocking:

For FTP: /etc/cxs/

For Web Scripts: /etc/cxs/

1. If you simply want to delete suspicious uploads, add the --delete switch to and/or

2. If you want to quarantine files, then you need to pre-create the quarantine directory, e.g.:

mkdir /home/quarantine
chmod 1777 /home/quarantine

Then you need to add the --quarantine /home/quarantine switch to and/or

If you only want to quarantine viruses and fingerprint matching uploads add --quarantine /home/quarantine --qoptions vM switch to and/or

3. If you want to prevent any type of script being uploaded (e.g. through a web upload script) then you need to modify /etc/cxs/ and the switch --options together with a list of the checks you want to be performed, including T. For example to perform all tests use --options mMOLfSGcChexdnwT

You should then test the configuration using the test files in /etc/cxs/test/ as explained in /etc/cxs/install.txt