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where csf.blocklists store ips ?

Posted: 23 May 2023, 15:21
by tim

when add blocklist on csf.blocklists ,
where will the ip stored ? ram or ?

will it slow down site and server performance when i add 1M ips ?


Re: where csf.blocklists store ips ?

Posted: 10 Jun 2023, 15:56
by alexf
When you add or uncomment entries in csf.blocklists, you can look in the directory /var/lib/csf for the actual downloaded files that are included in your deny blocklists.

I highly recommend that you use IPSET if your server will allow it. IPSET is a much faster database for lookups by IPTABLES.
Set LF_IPSET=1 to enable.

Not sure if all of these are stored in RAM or just on the fly table lookups.
YMMV on the site and server performance question. Best plan is always to do a backup of your server before making any possible server breaking changes. Make the change. Monitor and decide whether you can live with any impact on performance.