Why are some emails being blocked?

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Why are some emails being blocked?

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On March 22, I discovered that SOME emails to users on my server were being returned to senders. Some were definitely coming through, but some weren't. I ended up having to disable CSF, at which time hundreds of emails started to come in.

This problem didn't happen on March 21, so it was a new issue after I hadn't changed anything. So it had to be something automated.

These IPs were in my Temp Block:

And this is the only one in my Perm Block:

But IPs that were definitely blocked were (based on the ones that came in to me after I disabled CSF):

You can see that none of the delayed emails have IPs in the same range as those blocked.

It's also notable that I use Cloudflare, and I THINK that I have it configured properly with CSF. But I hadn't changed anything with Cloudflare recently either, and disabling CSF is what seemed to "fix" the problem.

Any suggestions on what could have been blocking the emails?
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